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HTML Authoring

Course Summary

This course covers only the minimum theory required to understand the functions of web servers, and to distinguish between what a web browser handles, and what the servers perform. A discussion of the capabilities of different browsers follows. From there the course covers HTML markup of documents, and how the browsers display this information. The important concept of relative, local, and remote links comes next. Also covered is the use of images, and the types of display capabilities are covered, along with an introduction to tables, and forms. Finally, we discuss the HTML editors and converters that are available for free, and purchase.


Anyone that need to publish information on the web, for local, or network wide viewing..

Prerequisite Knowledge

A familiarity with browsing WWW is helpful.

Terminal Objectives

The successful student will be able to quickly and efficiently publish home pages, documents, links, forms, tables, and images for display with web browsers.

Course Length

1 Day (with labs)

Reference book

We point out many online sources in the course.


  • Web Publishing Information
  • Web Documents and HTML
  • Incorporating Images
  • Tables, forms, and CGI
  • HTML Editing and conversion tools

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