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Tcl Scripting

Course Summary

The Tool Command Language was designed as a scripting interpretor to be embedded in C applications, allowing customizations and modifications of that applicat ion. Tcl is commonly used as a wrapper or control language in engineering design applications. Through use of a Tcl shell program, you can write general stand a lone Tcl scripts, thus allowing it to be used as a general purpose programming l anguage. One of the major Tcl applications is the TK toolkit, which allows for rapid GU I development. TK is covered in a separate course.


Anyone having a need to write Tcl scripts to customize or extend an application. Also anyone that wants to use Tcl for its rapid prototyping or simple application writing ability when combined with the TK toolkit, or other powerful Tcl applications such as Expect.

Prerequisite Knowledge:

A programming background of any kind is helpful, though not needed.

Terminal Objectives:

Upon successful completion of this course the student will be able to:
design, write, debug and test Tcl scripts that will run in a Tcl interpretor.

Course Length:

1 to 3 Days, depending upon student experience, and level of Tcl skills required.

Course Outline:

Overview of Scripting in Tcl	String manipulation
	Introduction		   Strings
	Shells			   Glob matching
	Syntax			   Regular Expresions
Data Manipulation		   Formatting
	Strings			   Scanning
	Variables		Accessing files
	Arguments		   File Operations
	Expressions		   Random Access
	Essential commands	   Globbing
Flow Control			Procedures
	Branches		   Defining
	Loops			   Scoping
	Control operators	   Uplevel
Lists				   Autoloading
	Types			   Packages and Namespaces
	Manipulating Lists	Processes and Exceptions
	Manipulating Arrays	   Creating Processes
				   Catching exceptions

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