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Perl Extensions

In an advanced class (e.g., Advanced Perl), there are typically many topics that could be discussed. If every topic was presented, this would result in an excessively long class. Compounding the problem, not everyone is interested in every topic. Offering shorter specialized classes allows people to select only those topics they are interested in, and thereby minimize time away from their real job. Specialized topics have been broken out into individual 2 day sessions. All require the Advanced Perl Programming class, or equivalent Perl experience.

Perl Objects 2 days

Perl uses objects in much the same way C++ and other object-oriented languages do. This session will present the details of Perl's implementation of objects. Lab work will focus on the creation and use of objects, and an overview of object programming methods.

Perl Networking with Asynchronous Processes 2 days

This course presents some of the more common methods used in Perl programs to start asynchronous processes (e.g., fork, piped opens) and then communicate with them. Communication methods covered include signals, pipelines, and sockets.

Perl GUI with X 2 days

These extensions allow you to write user interfaces with buttons, text entry boxes, etc. Materials include: The Sx extension-- Interfacing with X-windows using the Athena widgets. The Tk extension-- Interfacing with X-windows using the Tk language (a high-level language). Note that TCL is *not* required to use Tk, and thus is not taught.

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